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European Coffee
Handcrafted Wooden Items
Sold as Set

Power Ranger Watch still in pkg.
Rugrats Watch in original
SS10            $12.00
Collectible Cinderella Watch
SS 2               $7.00
SS 3              $11.00
Rhett Butler Collector's Doll from Gone With the Wind.  He is dressed in elegant style in full tuxs with top hat.  In original box
never opened never used as a toy doll. ​VGC
SS 7                           $36.00
SS 8                           $36.00
Scarlett Collector's Doll, the hopeful sweetheart of Rhett Butler ​from Gone With the Wind.  In original box never opened, never used as a toy.  VGC
Disney's Nemo Storybook Ornament Set. Adorn your treasured holiday tree with characters made famous by the movie Finding Neno.  Characters include: Nemo,
Coral, Dory, Tank Gang, Gill and Bubbles. 
Comes in Storybook Hardsase never opened approx. size 8.5"x11.5"
SS 5                       $15.00
SS 6        $23.00set
​17pc. Set of Minature Disney Characters.  Cindrella, Prince, Daisy, Donald, Dalmations, Goofy, Dwarfs & Mickey.  All in VGC. 
SS 4              $11.00
One Collectible Antique Doll- A little girl's treasure from the 1950's 
 A Virga Bridal Doll w/ vale and bouquet.  Still in original box.
 Good Condition for sixty years of age.    
SS1        $17.00

"An Invitation to a Royal Wedding"  141  pages of colorful pages of the Royal Wedding Couple.  From the courtship, celebrations, a biography of the Prince & Princess, the ceremonial Royal Wedding and photos of the wedding party.  You'll enjoy and treasure this for years to come!
SS 14                 $12.00
SS 15                  $12.00
 Electric Lighted Motion Aquarium, Watch life like Fish scroll across screen.   No feeding required!
Approx. size 10"h x 18" w x 2"d

Princess Diana Doll wearing a replica of her wedding beautiful gown.  Not a toy, this treasured doll will add elegance to any doll collection.  Doll fully gowned, from earrings, to her necklace and shoes a true depiction of A Royal Princess's Wedding.   
SS17                   $68.00
Snow White's Seven Drafts. In the original box. (7) dolls each approx. 7" tall.  Set includes: Grumpy, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc,
Sleepy Dopey & Happy.  Box never opened.  
The Set Does NOT Include:  Prince, Snow White orThe Witch . 
SS11            $13.00
A HARD DAYS NIGHT The Beatles 33 1/3 album from 60's
 Don't miss the chance to own one of the original 1960's release. 
SS18                   $12.00
"A Tribute to Diana"by Julia Delano  96 pages of the life of Princess  Diana.  A tour through marriage, motherhood, separation, divorce and the final farewell.  A history of the elegant and well loved Princess of Wales. 
SS19                   $12.00
"A Tribute to the People's Princess"  Diana captured the hearts of the world, with both style and grace.  She became the people's princess through sharing her love for helping people.around the world.  You'll enjoy reading the story of her life.  140 pages.
One Collectible Antique Doll- A little girl's treasure from the 1950's 
  Nancy Ann - A Storybook Doll  Roses are Red Violets are Blue. Complete with her own storybook  Still in original box. 
 Good Condition   
SS 16                  $17.00
SS 20                 $10.00
Yahama Electronic Keyboard   (GC)  49 Rhythms, Keyboard Voices 25 String Instruments, Mallets,  Brass Instruments, Woodwinds, 18 Synthesisers,
Bass, Percussion, Harmony, Record Your Songs feature.

Collector's Country Rose Barbie..
 1st in Series. Dressed in western satin-like dress, with suede yoke and cuffs golden belt and two tone boots. She's ready for a night of boot scooting.  Barbie carries a western five-stringed guitar.  A great gift for the Barbie collector. 
SS 21                   $36.00
Antique Child's School Desk
18"d x 22"w x 22" h

SS 9          $16.00

 Region #2
The Middle Peninsula: Essex Gloucester-Mathews-Middlesex
Items to Buy
SS 22             $6.00
Small Vase - Soft muted shades of plum, gray & white
Glass Plum Colored Vase 
SS 23               $6.00
Decorative Seashell Glass Candle Holder Filled with
Tiny Shells
SS 24               $6.00
SS 24               $4.00
Emerson Creek Handmade Pottered Vase decorated with oriental lilies.
Made in Bedford, Va. 

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