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It's easy to post an ad.  Use our Insertion Order Form on our AUCTION  page to post your Auction Ad.  Complete the requested information.  Auction Ads are posted for 10 days for only $5.00.  At the end of the 10 day Auction, The Seller may Accept or Reject the Highest Bid.  After The Seller Accepts the highest Bid, The Winning Bidder is notified by this site and provided the Email Address of The Seller to make contact.  The Seller is responsible for Collecting Payment and Arranging  for Pickup or Shipment of Item with The Winning Bidder.  If the item doesn't sell, we will repost the ad for another 10 days....for Free!

The  Seller may choose to  Decline to Accept the highest bid. If you Do not Accept  the bid, the Seller may repost the item for one additional 10 day auction period...for Free!  Only one item may be posted per Auction Ad unless posting multiple " like" items.

Place a Bid: 
​It's easy to Bid.  Use our BID FORM PAGE  to place your bid.  Multiple bids may be made using additional Bidding Forms.  After the Auction closes, the Seller Accepts or Rejects the highest Bid.  The Winning Bidder is notified,  by this site and provided the Email Address of The Seller to make contact.  The Seller is responsible for Collecting Payment and arranging for Pickup or Shipment of the Item, with The Winning Bidder.   If the Seller rejects the Highest Bid and reposts the Auction Ad, you'll Get a Second Change to Bid Again!                                              Good Luck!
We Offer Four Types of Ads: 
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Yard Sales
Community Events

Sell Items

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Bargain Items
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Each Ad Cost Just $5.00
Prepaid  Ads post for 30 days,  

 Item descriptions are limited to 25 words per ad.  When placing ads, Use "catch" words or phrases to capture a buyer's attention.   Ads  generally 
become  "live" within 24 hours after we receive your ad. 

  Post a Yard Sale Notice or Community Event...It's Free!  Complete the Insertion Order to POST A YARD SALE NOTICE on our website.  Enter the requested information.   Next upload  two photos of some of your yard sale items.  Maybe include a photo collage to show more of your items. being offered for sale, Finally  Clicking "Upload photo" sends your ad for posting.   

  Post Ads to Sell Items...such as Home, Lawn & Garden, Patio Items, Furniture, Electronics, Autos, Boats and boating equipment  etc.,.  Sell slightly used or unwanted Items to Earn Extra Cash!  Complete the Insertion Order to  ADVERTISE ITEMS on our website.  Enter the requested information,  Browse your files for two photos of the items being offered for sale, then press Upload to send your ad.   Post multiple items in the same ad.    Finally, Click on the Paypal Button to prepay for your ad.  

  Post an Ad to Advertise Your Business...Use our Insertion Order to Post Your Business Card.  Your Business Card Posts for only $5.00/month per business card.


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