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Before agreeing to meet someone to make an online purchase: 
 You Should

1.Get as much detail information about the buyer/seller as possible 

Write down their name, phone number.
Tell a family member or friend where you are going to meet a buyer/seller and give them the buyer's / seller's name and phone number. 

2. Avoid meeting at their home or business locations, if possible. 
Agree to meet in a busy public site:
suggestions- The Local Sherriff Office or Police Dept. - A Busy Parking Lot - The Courthouse - A Busy Location with Walking Traffic. 

3. If you decide to buy or sell:
Make arrangements to meet at a Bank to exchange funds for large purchases. Banks may be able to assist you to verify the availability of funds in a buyer's account. 

4, Always use caution when buying or selling items using online services.  

5. Never Go Alone. - Be aware of your surroundings. 

This list of safety tips is not intended to be complete.  It is intended to suggest ways to help you be safe when buying online. 
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