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Terms & Conditions of Use
New Port Solutions, LLC 
 New Port Solutions, LLC is Virginia Limited Liability Company 
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Terms & Conditions of Use
March 5, 2014 
1.Use of this site. 
This site is owned and operated by New Port Solutions, LLC, a Limited Liability Company registered in Virginia.   EShoppingLocal.com and 
LocalRELS.com (referred in the following as “this site”) is an online advertising service owned and operated by New Port Solutions, LLC of Virginia. This site accepts posting materials from Sellers, Owners, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, over the age of (18) years, advertising real estate for sale, advertising local businesses and ads for placement of items for sale, such as: home fashion, patio, home decorating and lawn and garden items for sale and for placement of classified ads for residential services. Users of this site agree to abide by the stated guidelines, rules, advertising policy, terms of conditions of use. This site reserves the right to change the terms at anytime, without notice to users. It is your responsibility as the user to periodically review the terms and conditions of use to ensure compliance wtih use of this site. Users should not use this site if you object to the terms and conditions of use. 
You are required to be at least 18 years old to view or to place listings or posting to this site. You must be the owner of the real estate – the property, the item, service provider OR have the legal authority to post such for items, services for sale or advertise business services, on this site. This site does not represent, warranty, guarantee, items posted to this site. This site does not guarantee the availability of an item or quality of service and does not represent the goods or services sold and does not claim the content of ad to be accurate or true. The accuracy and truthfulness of information posted to this site lies with the person or persons posting information to this site. Information posted to this site found to misrepresent fact, or considered to be in violation of law or illegal will be removed by this site.  
Users of this site are authorized to use this site for viewing and advertising purposes and for commercial business advertisements, when given approval by this site.  Ad content is reviewed prior to posting ads to this site. Content judged to be inappropriate or not within stated policy of this site will not be posted.   Unauthorized access to this site by any other means is prohibited. Commercial Advertisers may contact this site at EShop@EShoppingLocal.com for clarification of advertising terms and fee information. 

By using this site, you (the user) authorize "this site" to use information, images and all content that you have submitted for posting ads to this site, to assist you with your advertisement of your real estate listings, commercial business, real estate agent ads, home goods or home services or residential items for sale or residential improvement services. By submitting an ad for posting, the user is giving permission to this site to copy your ad for posting, use the content for advertising purposes and for the advertising to be posted on this site to be viewed by the public.  Email Contact information provided by The SellerMay Be Visibly posted when posting  (For Sale  or Auction Ads)  to this site.  The Seller's email address may be posted so that Buyers may contact The Seller directly for information about a Seller's item posted For Sale or for Auction.  The Email Contact information of The Highest Bidder, bidding on an Auction Item will NOT be posted in full.   A Bidder's partial email address will be posted on the Auction Bid Sheet to be used only  to sufficiently identify a bidder to distinguish between bidders.  By a seller  posting items for sale, posting items for auction or when bidding on  an auction item,  gives this site permission to exchange contact information between buyer and seller so that a sales transaction can take place. 

By using this site you agree that (you) as the user is solely responsible for the content submitted for posting of online ads listings on this site. Content includes, text, photos, images, or any material that is received by this site for advertising. This site is not responsible for transmission, interruption, malfunction of services which prevents the transmission of a user’s ad for receipt and posting. This site is not responsible for making spelling or editorial corrections or for the omission or deletion of content. Each user is responsible for their own content. This site is not to be used for editorial comments or as a forum. This site will review and approve the content of each ad for compliance with use, prior to the posting of such ad to this site. This site is not responsible for misleading, inaccurate, false statements made by a user. Any ads containing inappropriate content, illegal, in violation of the law or any content which this site finds unacceptable or inappropriate will not be posted.  

Ads found to be Unacceptable will be rejected without cause or reason and will not be posted on this site. If payment for a user’sPrepaid Ad is not received within three (3) business days, from the date ad received by this site, ad will not post the user’s ad. Ads must be resubmitted to this site for reconsideration, if payment is not received within the specified time period.  

Posting Periods
Ads accepted for posting will be posted for a specified period of 30, 60 or 90 days.  Ads will be removed at the end of the posting period unless user makes request to renew ad using the Insertion Order for this site.   Ads post as follows:  Auction Ads post for 10 days,  Real Estate For Sale Ads post for 90 days - Items For Sale post for 30 days - Real Estate Agent's and Company Business Card Size Ads post for 60 days.  

This site assumes no responsibility for the wording of such ads. Ad content transmitted to this site is assumed to be accurate. Postings or real estate or property items are not warranted or guaranteed in any way, by this site. Any links to third-party sites must be approved by this site, prior to linking such third-party sites to this site. A user requesting such link to a third-party site is responsible for the content of the third-party site and for any malfunctions or disruption or interference with the function of the third-party site or to this site caused by such link. A user found to be at fault or the cause for such malfunction or disruption to the operation of this site or a third-party site assumes the responsibility to have necessary repairs to return site to its’ original operating condition and assumes “all” costs associated with correcting such problem when it occurs. “All” costs including but not limited to the legal expenses, costs to repair damages to this site, loss of business, costs to repair damages to the third-party site or other sites affected by such link, webhosting interruption, internet expenses or other fees or charges for the correction are the responsibility of the party attempting to link or linking to this site. This site assumes “NO RISK” for users of this site or for users linking to a third-party site. Contact with this site can be made through email at: CustomerRep@LocalRELS.com.

3. Monitoring of this site
Users of this site are asked to help monitor this site for inappropriate content of any kind and report such misuse to: CustomerRep@LocalRELS.com. Materials and content submitted to this site are protected by copyright and trademark infringement laws.  

4. Privacy Policy
Information provided by users of this site shall not be sold to a third-party by this site. Users of this site shall  or by any user or by other third party using this site. Any information a user wishes to remain confidential should not be posted to this site. By submitting information to this site for the purpose of advertising, the user understands that you (the user) has made the user’s contact information available to the public for viewing and for contact purposes. By using this site you agree with our Privacy Policy. This site will not share private non-posted user information received from a user unless required to do so by law or to comply with government regulations or for legal purposes.  

5. Violations of Use - Users of this site are NOT permitted to:
Use this site for making editorial comments or use as a forum
Use this site for unlawful purposes, posting of inappropriate content, abusive language, pornographic images, making statements that are inappropriate, personally damaging, harmful , threatening or making remarks or statements that are offensive abusive or contain sexual content
Use this site in violation of Government Fair Housing Act Laws when posting real estate listings (advertisement) that discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap status or any use that violates laws against discrimination. Real Estate Ads will not knowingly be accepted, by this site that are in violation of the law. Users understand and agree all real estate advertisements posted on this site are available on an equal housing opportunity basis. 

Use this site to place advertisements that are in violation of government equal opportunity laws is strictly prohibited.  This site prohibits the following uses to: 
Post listings by making false or misleading statements, that misrepresent the user or seller, the real estate listed for sale, the property, service or item being offered for sale or that in any way is intended to deceive or make false representations 
Use this site for marketing purposes other than for the purpose of selling the posted real estate, property, item, providing goods or services or listing or advertising a local business operations licensed or registered to operate in Virginia
Make unlawful solicitations, use unethical practices or schemes or intentionally attempt to deceive the public 
Use or attempt to use copyright, trademark or proprietary information or use information that you (the user) do not have the legal rights to use
Post for sale illegal items, contraband or solicit illegal services, post adult materials or list legal or illegal drugs or drug paraphalnelia or attempt to post any item or service that is restricted by law
Make unauthorized contact with individuals, other than to persons requesting information from you (the user) 
Maintain a database of individual’s private contact information for the sale to a third party, or to be sold as a mailing list for use to solicit business by you, by other parties or for uses which are in violation of the law
Post information to this site which hinders its’ operation and/or use by others
Gain or attempt to gain access to information stored on this site, to interfere with the operation of this site, the site of third-party sites or the computers of users of this site by hacking or by other means

6. Approval of Ads
All ad postings to this site must be submitted for approval prior to the posting of listings to this site. Listings will be reviewed for violation of terms & conditions of use and for violation of advertising policy. This site reserves the right to refuse, deny, withdraw cancel or otherwise prohibit users from posting listings to this site, for any reason with no recourse by the user. 

7. Ad Size and Days Posted
Ads are limited to a maximum of (25) twenty-five words per ad. Photos are limited to (2) two and must conform to a size that is acceptable for posting on this site. Number of days posting remains of this site may vary with type of ad. See specific number of days allowed on How to List page of this site.. All ads will expire at end of listing period. Users can request to renew ads, if desired.  

8. Advertising Costs for Prepaid Ads. 
Advertising fees are charged and collected using Paypal Services for all Prepaid Ads. Prepaid ads require the payment of advertising fee prior to the posting of ad to this site. 

9. Discontinuation of Service
Users may request to have ads removed prior to the expiration date by contacting CustomerRep@LocalRELS.com. No refund will be made for early termination of listings for goods, services or business ads or for commercial advertisements. LocalRELS.com may terminate the use by a user, block a user, remove a listing, delete a listing at anytime, without notice to the user, for any reason. No refund is given for early termination of an ad or listing by the user or by this site if the ad is found to be in violation of the term & conditions or advertising policy of this site. . This site is not responsible for injury to a user, a third-party or a third-party site for early termination of a listing. Users agrees not to hold this site liable for such termination or use.

10. User’s Own Risk
Users acknowledge and agree to use this site at their own risk. 

11. Operation and Ownership of LocalRELS.com
This site, (LocalRELS.com) is owned and operated by New Point Solutions, LLC.,a Limited Liability Company licensed in Virginia.  

12. Indemnity and Liability 
Users of this site agree to hold Officers, Agents, Employees and/or Others Affiliated with this site or doing business with this site harmless from claims for damages for any reason, but not limited to causes from the posting of a user’s information, photos or other content or by having this information viewed, sold, bought or used by users of this site. New Point Solutions, LLC d.b.a. LocalRELS.com shall not be liable for any reason by users, advertisers or by other third-parties using this site. You, the user of this site are responsible for all claims made against you for any posting you have submitted to this site or other claims made against you for any reason while doing business with this site. You, the user are responsible for responding directly to claimants for such claims, resolving the claimant’s issues such as but not limited to payment of attorney fees, court fees, all reimbursements and awards to claimants or payments to any third-party from claims against you due to information you have submitted to this site by any format. 

Access to Customer Service is available to you through electronic mail by contacting our online Customer Service at: 
Ph. 804-337-9197.